Eatable: A Journal of Simple Cooking

Eatable is a journal of simple cooking; an anthology of the way we eat in our home.  Based in the centre of the Canadian Prairies, our cooking is as local as possible and draws on the resources available, which are limited or bountiful depending on the season.

Our front lawn has been converted to heirloom zucchini and tomatoes, bushels of green, yellow and purple streaked beans, waxy fingerling potatoes, all the herbs, corn and chard and kale and kohlrabi….

We acquired the term Eatable from our Japanese friend.  It has come to mean food that is comfortable, quietly innovative, and non-contrived.

Eatable means “fit to eat” and is a term that represents, for us, the pursuit of a food forward life of simple pleasure.

K.E. Jones

Photography by L.J.