Haloumi and Beets


Salty, squidgy, squeaky, and very, very satisfying.  Haloumi is a firm Greek cheese sold in vacuum packs.  Nigella Lawson writes about it extensively, suggesting numerous ways to turn it into a satisfying, pre-dinner nibble.

Haloumi loves olive oil, lemon and mint.  Fresh chili is also good with Haloumi, and we have discovered sweet roasted beets, yellow or red, pair perfectly with the salty white cheese.

Haloumi should be fried in a dry, non stick pan on a fairly high heat.  Once it is browned on both sides, transfer to a serving platter and immediately drizzle generously with high quality olive oil.  For this version we sliced and quartered peeled roasted beets, and drizzled them with olive oil, salt and pepper, and a mountain of chopped parsley and golden oregano.  A very generous squeeze of lemon was needed to lift the sweetness of the beets.

Dinner for two on a rainy summer day.

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